21 October 2006

France: Loire

2005 Dm Sylvain Bailly Quincy Beaucharme $20
Zingy '05's! Ryan says "thyme," Joe thinks it has an herbal, maybe even mint, bend to it. I'll add that it's fresh and a bit tangy. Great!

2002 Dm. Fontainerie Vouvray Sec $20
Nose turning to an interesting bouqet of minerals and caramel with classic honey suckle overtones; mouth has some honey and caramel interplay with great streaks of tartness that would go well with food. Drink now and save one for the road since 2002 was such a great vintage in the Loire.

1990 Dm. Fontainerier Vouvray Molleaux $33
Holy gorgeous! A nose whose complications and turns of honey, honeysuckle, and honey comb won't quite. Lively acidity in mouth makes this, heavy bodied desert wine light and not syrupy in the least. Add it to any kind of subtle creamy cheese at a meal's end, and you'd be hard pressed to get a more elegant and satisiying finish to a meal. We had La Tour from Piemonte.

2004 Chidaine Montlouis Sur Loire Les Tuffeaux $24
Chenin blanc here. Weight in body but seems lighter because of the lively saliva inducing acidity (if you will); the deftness in mouth mismatches a bit to the a length that Ryan says is "a bit short." Mark, with nary a word more, calls the nose "a cinnamon kiss."


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