18 September 2006

Roasted Quail, Mercurey, Tarte Tatin

Our usually Monday night back to the reality of the work week. I'm trying to memorize all the AC of the Côte D'Or; drinking this Mercurey should at least get me almost to the end. The roasted quail was half the price of the chicken breast a young blondy was getting. I suggested to her that the qual, at half the price, was way more flavorful and just as easy to prepare. She almost got it when she said "oh! there are bones?" Yes darling getting boned, or, smoking a bone, or that Chablis Les Close cost too many bones, all come from the quite literal bone.

We put dandelion greens under the roasting quail to grease the up as to tone down the bitterness. Sara says the secret to the Tarte is that it's not made by Sara (it's probably Sara's delightfully evil twin). I'm about to open the Dm. Emile Juillot 2002 Mercurey.


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